The Many Uses of Dutch Ovens

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Dutch ovens are a special cooking vessel that is thick walled, usually made of cast iron or porcelain and has a tight fitting lid. They have been in use for many years in kitchens all over the world as a popular cooking vessel. In addition to this, Dutch ovens are often popularly used as camping equipment for cooking. They are excellent for usage even in the kitchen. There are actually different ovens designed for indoor and outdoor use.

You need to keep a few points in mind when you set out to buy one. It is always best to buy one with a twelve inch diameter. The heavier the pot and the thicker the metal at the base, the better it is for cooking. A flat based one is not very good for transferring heat evenly, so go for the one which has a curved bottom.

Remember to check to make sure there is a bale handle as it will make outdoor cooking easier. The lid should have a lip running around the outer edge as it will make the cooking and temperature regulation easier. Dutch ovens should have an insulated handle which will make it easier for you to lift and thus avoid burns.

There are many kinds of cooking procedures for which you can make use of these ovens. Here are a few common ways in which Dutch ovens are popularly used. Since they can distribute heat evenly, it is easier for you to roast meat. The closed lid helps the juices of the meat to remain sealed. The temperatures should be high and cooking should be done quickly to cook the meat in the best way.

For baking, you need low heat and a longer time. You also need to check the food and turn the sides often to avoid it getting overcooked or remaining undercooked on a particular side. This can be a bit time consuming but the taste of the baked product that you get after that will be worth the time this takes.

These ovens can easily hold the heat for a long time. You can get very good results from frying or boiling food, but it is important to maintain a high and even temperature all through the cooking process. Stewing and simmering are probably the best cooking processes in a Dutch oven. You just need to maintain constant temperatures and stir from time to time.

As with other cooking appliances, you will learn to use it in the best way only with experience. The more you use it, the better you can utilize and enjoy the benefits of cooking on one of these ovens.

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The Many Uses of Dutch Ovens

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This article was published on 2010/12/09