Health Benefits of Waterless Cooking

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The most obvious health benefit of waterless cooking is the reduction in fats, oils and overall calories. When we add vegetable oils and water to the cooking process we are literally adding the fats we need to avoid in our everyday lifestyle. The water boils away the natural nutrients within our foods and the oils create only more calories to add to our daily count. Waterless cooking allows us to take vegetables and meats and cook them within their own natural juices and flavors. They are brought out by the heat and then kept in the pan with an airtight lid. The steam of their own natural juices is what cooks them completely.

Statistics have shown that the average household does not nearly reach the daily recommended dosages of vitamins and nutrients today and this is not only because of conventional cooking styles but because of the unhealthy lifestyles we have created for ourselves over the years. Most households do not take the time to make healthy dinners for their families but would rather eat out for convenience. Waterless cooking is far faster than conventional cooking and there is very little you have to do to ensure your meal is cooked correctly; the waterless cookware does most of the work for you.

All it really takes is one dinner cooked with waterless cookware for you to discover just what you have been missing. Perhaps in the past you have considered yourself to be a bad cook but with waterless cookware each and every meal will be full of natural flavors that you have never tasted before. It can be amazing just how much flavor we have literally been cooking away without realizing it over the years. Waterless cooking restores these flavors and allows us to enjoy food the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Start racking up nutrients and vitamins within your diet. Your body needs as many vitamins and natural nutrients it can get and by cooking waterless on a daily basis you will more than likely double what you are getting from your foods today. Forget your vitamin supplements; enjoy great tasting foods that have all the healthy vitamins you need to maintain a strong and healthy life.

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Health Benefits of Waterless Cooking

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This article was published on 2010/04/02