Cooking with Weber BBQs

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Cooking using Weber BBQ grills can be done in two ways, which are indirect and direct. Weber BBQs have superior features than any other grills around that allow you to grill foods in virtually any means by clever heat regulation system on each Weber grilling units.

Grillers can choose either charcoal grills or gas-powered grills. Some Weber BBQs have both functionalities, allowing you more freedom on grilling methods and temperature controls, thus giving you a more exciting Weber BBQ experience.

Direct grilling is one of the methods provided by Weber BBQs. This goes the same way as broiling meat. You cook the food over direct heat source. To evenly grill the food, you must turn it halfway from time to time in a constant manner. You can use the direct grilling method for foods that can be done between twenty to thirty minutes of cooking time. Some of the dishes that can be cooked with such method are hamburger patties, kebabs, chops, sausages and steaks.

Also, direct grilling method is the best way to sear pork or chicken meat. Searing can make the meat seem like it has been caramelized. It also renders the meat skin crisp. Steak is one of the best meats that you can sear. You can start direct grilling with setting the charcoals evenly on the grill. Put the food in the grate and cover it. At regular intervals, lift the cover and turn it halfway. You can also use gas-powered Weber BBQs, just like on charcoal.

On the other hand, cooking with Weber BBQs can also be done with indirect grilling method. This is very similar to roasting, but the meat is cooked with richer BBQ flavors. The texture is also even, making it easy to chew on. The heat will disperse and reach the lid, cooking the meat or vegetables slowly, which results in a sumptuous food color, furthermore, basting is not necessary anymore in indirect heating.

This grilling method is ideal for food that gets grilled for not less than twenty minutes or so. This is also perfect for foods that would dry up if grilled directly. This is best for cooking whole turkeys and larger portions of meat. You can start indirect grilling by using charcoal on Weber BBQs. Put the coals on one side of the cooking grate. Set the drip pan on the center. Next, put the grate on the top of the drip pan. Then, put the food on it, cooking it based on the specific recipe instructions.

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Cooking with Weber BBQs

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This article was published on 2010/10/29